For our operation as a group of companies, personal integrity and legal compliance are key. Through our words and actions we inspire confidence in our clients, staff and partners.

We understand the need for strong corporate governance and we are committed to policies and practices of governance which benefit our business and its stakeholders.

We care deeply for our work and seek to bring better results for our clients and stakeholders. We produce quality work through our collaborative spirit, independent thinking and holistic approach that strengthens the built environment and sets new standards for our industry. Our key quality commitments are to:

  • Provide our customers with a high level of service; once they benefit greatly from and will want to repeat.
  • When designing work practices, function within current local legal requirements and consider potential local and international legislation, where applicable.
  • Continuously enhance our quality performance and track key internal indicators and customer feedback by taking the market and organizational management processes context into consideration.
  • Constantly seek to add value to the services we deliver, while ensuring that they remain existing, sustainable and relevant.
  • Continuously improving quality through our ISO 9001 compliant management system.

We strive to protect the environment by addressing the complex challenges posed by population growth, climate change, loss of biodiversity, increased demand for energy and scarcity of resources to live within our planet’s natural limits. Our core environmental obligations as an environmentally sustainable organization, are to:

  • Prevent waste and degradation by tracking and the any negative environmental and local community impacts of the company’s operations, and maintaining effective management of our environmental impacts.
  • Work with clients and stakeholders to identify and handle specific environmental risks while at the same time achieving their business goals.
  • Holistic approach to our work, taking decisions based on a clear view of the environmental consequences and impacts.
  • Study, establish and encourage robust practical solutions to relevant environmental challenges.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, ISO 14001 and any other guidelines and codes of conduct applicable to the sectors in which we work, and ensuring that any changes to those directives are kept up to date.

Corporate Governance

We recognize the importance of strong corporate governance and are committed to meeting the highest standards through rules, processes and training.

The Board and the organization keep the corporate governance structures of the business under constant scrutiny. It is reviewed and approved annually or, where appropriate, more frequently.

The company strives to provide a set of strong business principles and values, a system and process within which we function, an internal control framework and a variety of technical accreditations, while meeting applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

Ethics Policy and Business Principles

We believe that only if everyone’s conduct meets a set of standards and shared values can our company achieve outstanding results.

Our core business values describe how all of our programs are run. We laid out a pledge to our clients and suppliers our adherence to the highest possible honesty in business relationships including a misconduct zero tolerance policy.

Internal Structure and Policy Compliance

Our corporate governance is part and parcel of how we choose to run our companies. Our policies and procedures are in place to describe how we function as an organization and to enforce our system for internal control.

While our own internal control, risk management, and policies and processes are in place, we are also trying to encourage our staff to review their own practices and outcomes and those of each other.

It serves to ensure that they have behaved properly – and to guarantee the day-to-day decisions are made correctly.

The board is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and believes that a solid corporate governance framework allows for efficient and effective decision-making with clear responsibilities, leading to the achievement of the company’s goals and providing stakeholders with long term value.

We care for our people, and those who through our projects are affected by our actions. We provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment; in our workplaces, on-site and business travel. We are promoting the importance of fitness, protection and well-being, both at work and through our jobs. Our main commitments regarding health and safety are to:

  • Promoting and implementing programs for our people’s wellbeing and for preventing injury and ill health.
  • Provide sufficient services (investment, information, supervision, instruction and training) to help our people achieve a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good practice and fully comply with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and all other applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice which affect our operations.